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Digital Media Specialist

San Francisco - San Jose



Digital Media Specialist - San Francisco / San Jose

With a master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering, I'm a professional in the online media industry with more than 9 years of consulting experience in digital projects. I'm an active and outgoing person, always looking for new challenges and experiences in order to satisfy my innate curiosity.


My expertise is the combination of a technical education enhanced by passionate knowledge of digital strategy & marketing, innovative business models and groundbreaking technologies. Sharing, collaboration and interaction with colleagues & clients are the key activities I practice every day in order to grow my skills and personal profile.


Born and raised in Tuscany, I started my professional journey in Milan working for Reply and PwC Italy. Currently developing my career as a Digital Media Specialist in PwC US.


Digital Media Madness.

This is where you'll find some really unusual news about Social Media, Mobile, Customer Experience, eCommerce, and some other geek stuff!



No, it's not a typo. Yes, it's a fancy version for "my milestones".


As a Social Media Engineer, I've been involved in Technology & Innovation Projects, concerning Social Network Exploitation, Value Chain Transformation, Mobile Products & Services Management and Quality Monitoring.


10:10 (dieciedieci) is an Italian creative project born in collaboration with Omnicut S.r.l.Our Goal: Involve Online Communities & Social Networks, using Contests and Viral Web Solutions in order to ideate and develop fancy products.


From 2010 I’ve been working as an Assistant Manager in PwC Italy. I've been operating in the Advisory line of service, focused on Digital Transformation, Strategy and Technology practices. By providing deep industry and technical knowledge, supported by rigorous market, economic and financial analysis, my work aimed to enable clients delivering the best results for the business.



In 2013, I moved to PwC US, San Jose office (California).

Proud member of PwC Experience Center.

My main areas of operation are Social Media, Enterprise Collaboration, Digital Strategy, Innovation, Customer Experience and Mobile, supported by a strong understanding of eCommerce & Analytics.

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Also known as my Curriculum Vitae. Updated regularly.



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